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Ghostrunner Switch – TOP Action Game for Nintendo Switch

Ghostrunner Switch

Ghostrunner Switch On Steam, the game is positioned as a slasher or an action movie, but it is neither. Ghostrunner Switch is a Mirror’s Edge-style platformer. And the best ever created. Hardcore, dynamic and addicting. The weapon is only a katana. But the arsenal of abilities will grow almost from …

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Total War Rome Remastered Switch – TOP Strategy Game

Total War Rome Remastered Switch

Total War Rome Remastered Switch The new day for the great power of Rome came almost suddenly, when SEGA and Creative Assembly, in collaboration with Feral Interactive, launched Total War Rome Remastered Switch. A completely remastered edition that allows players old and new to be able to relive the award-winning …

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Doom Eternal Switch – TOP FPS for Nintendo Switch

Doom Eternal Switch

Doom Eternal Switch The new Doom was created on the engine of the previous part and in 2020 it is noticeable. The graphics are nice and detailed. Doom Eternal Switch is a beautiful game even on consoles, and with a monstrous PC and a 4K monitor at 144Hz, the picture …

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Orcs Must Die 3 Switch Tower Defense Game

Orcs Must Die 3 Switch

Orcs Must Die 3 Switch If you expect a brutal and realistic slaughter with the game Orcs Must Die 3 Switch, you should turn back right away. The game doesn’t always take itself and the actual main theme of the game too seriously and therefore manages to create a relaxed …

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