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Ghostrunner Switch – TOP Action Game for Nintendo Switch

Ghostrunner Switch

Ghostrunner Switch On Steam, the game is positioned as a slasher or an action movie, but it is neither. Ghostrunner Switch is a Mirror’s Edge-style platformer. And the best ever created. Hardcore, dynamic and addicting. The weapon is only a katana. But the arsenal of abilities will grow almost from …

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Orcs Must Die 3 Switch Tower Defense Game

Orcs Must Die 3 Switch

Orcs Must Die 3 Switch If you expect a brutal and realistic slaughter with the game Orcs Must Die 3 Switch, you should turn back right away. The game doesn’t always take itself and the actual main theme of the game too seriously and therefore manages to create a relaxed …

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Monster Hunter World Switch Game – [HOW TO PLAY]

Monster Hunter World Switch Game

Monster Hunter World Switch Game Capcom’s new work, Monster Hunter World Switch is a high-quality game. Without a doubt, if you like this genre, this game will remain on your consoles for many months. It is very rich in content, has a disproportionate longevity, it will entertain you for hundreds …

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Scarlet Nexus Switch Action-Adventure Game [FREE]

Scarlet Nexus Switch

Scarlet Nexus Switch On the action RPG front, a year ago a new title by Bandai Namco was shown to the public. It has a respectable staff including experts from the Tales of and Code Vein series, with a strong futuristic setting and a combat system highly spectacularized. In this …

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