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Total War Rome Remastered Switch – TOP Strategy Game

Total War Rome Remastered Switch

Total War Rome Remastered Switch The new day for the great power of Rome came almost suddenly, when SEGA and Creative Assembly, in collaboration with Feral Interactive, launched Total War Rome Remastered Switch. A completely remastered edition that allows players old and new to be able to relive the award-winning …

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Humankind Switch Game – TOP Historical Strategy Game

Humankind Switch

Humankind Switch Game As the name of the game says, Humankind Switch does not position itself in a particular era as more classic management and strategy. Unlike Civilization and Endless Legends, in this case we don’t start with a single historical era, but we start from the genesis of everything. …

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Frostpunk Switch Game – Download RTS game for Switch

Frostpunk Switch

Frostpunk Switch Game While the real-time strategy genre has stagnated, city planners have been given a new lease of life in the past five years. Although big publishers are bypassing them, this is compensated by indie developers who are releasing more and more noteworthy projects. Frostpunk Switch became the most …

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