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Icarus Switch Game – TOP Survival Game for Switch

Icarus Switch

Icarus Switch Game What leads to the fall of a civilization? You can find the answer to this question yourself by playing Icarus Switch by Spenser Starke, published by Renegade Game Studios. Icarus is a shared and collective storytelling game, in which players have to face the fall of a …

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Halo Infinite Switch FPS – How to play [NO JAILBREAK]

Halo Infinite Switch

Halo Infinite Switch FPS Always one of the most loved and famous video game series, Halo has over the years won success after success. Belonging to the category of first-person shooters, the series now consists of six main chapters, six spin-offs and two remakes. Almost six years after the last …

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Riders Republic Switch Game – TOP Sports Game for Switch

Riders Republic Switch Game

Riders Republic Switch Game One of the titles that attracted the most attention during the Ubisoft Forward 2021 virtual event was definitely Riders Republic Switch, an adrenaline-pumping online multiplayer game for Switch. Since its announcement (last year), what has struck is its chaotic style and its seemingly interesting idea, capable …

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Battlefield 2042 Switch FPS – How to Play [NO Jailbreak]

Battlefield 2042 Switch FPS

Battlefield 2042 Switch FPS Strange but true, Battlefield 2042 will not have a single-player campaign. It is since the days of Bad Company that the saga has not completely moved into the field of multiplayer. The last installment of the Electronic Arts and DICE shooter series has just been released. …

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